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La Despedida – Album Launch

24th July, 2016

Thanks for attending our Album Launch! Your love, support and friendship feed our impetus and passion to achieve so much more with our craft. “La Despedida” has been now finally released. Keep an eye on us through this same channel or by visiting our Facebook page.
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‘La Despedida’ album launch is close!

8th July, 2016

San Lazaro La Despedida launch A3

Success in our Pozible campaign. LP’s are coming!

5th July, 2016

Hola San Lazarinos de corazón!! We reached our goal in our pozible campaign!! ¡Lo logramos! We made it! We just want to say a huge thank you. The amount of support we have received from family, friends, new fans and the fans who have been there from the start is truly heartwarming. Here we leave you with a blooper video of Bob Keko and Oscar.

A big shout out to Nadine Vielle, Jen Irving, Diego Torrascal and Stu Burgs and everyone else who chipped in!



Anything is Pozible!

24th May, 2016

FB Cover Pozible 5b



¡Hola, hermanos y hermanas! We are San Lazaro. A tribe of long-lost Latinos, wandering the desert continent of Australia in search of ourselves and our music. With backgrounds from Chile to Cuba to Catalonia, destiny drew us together at the Southern end of the world to sing the songs we needed to sing and tell the stories we needed to tell.

We’ve been playing and writing Latin music in Melbourne for 15 years now and over the past year, we’ve recording our new album La Despedida. We think we’ve put together a special collection of songwriting that is honest, unapologetic and personal. La Despedida is all about the heartache and love lost, but it’s not just breakup songs. There are protest songs, songs of midnight ennui and songs that promise musical salvation. For the English speakers, we’re looking into ways to subtitle it all, but until we work that out – we invite you to put it on and at least have a dance.

For La Despedida’s amazing album cover, we collaborated with NY-based artist Diego Patiño. Diego has created a unique landscape of psychedelic dystopia inspired by the themes and imagery in our music. When we saw what he’d come up with, we were completely blown away! To properly realise these songs and to make the most of Diego’s amazing artwork, we’re going to present it as a Deluxe Gatefold LP, which we totally cannot afford and that is why we are calling on you to help us out!

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