La Despedida – This album, like San Lazaro, is more than the sum of its parts – more fortunate accident than grand design. There’s so many different influences that its origins are hard to pinpoint. Listen here or go to for Vinyl, CD, or Digital.

La Despedida received 4.5 stars in the Sydney Morning Herald.
“It sounds terrific. Impassioned and quirky in a kind of TexMex way, one minute we’re demounting what feels like an imminent desert shootout, the next we’re falling heart over heels in a dance floor entanglement”

Paris Pompor, Sydney Morning Herald


San Lazaro’s 2014 EP Serendipity, is an electric blend of old school salsa and classic Cuban Son. Beyond that, it references everything from psych funk to roots reggae to Spaghetti Western film soundtracks. It’s raw, noisy and electric one moment and sweet and soulful the next. Listen here or go to for Vinyl, CD, or Digital.

San Lazaro’s 2006 album, Mestizos Urbanos is a rocking, raucous blend of Latin, reggae, funk and everything else you could think of.
A young, loud, enthusiastic band making all sorts of noise, back in the day.

Download “Mestizos Urbanos” from ITunes HERE